Your Dashboard Shows Your Complete Workflow

Dashboard Information Software for CA, CS, CMA, CPA that not only gives up-to-date and regular management information but also enables Quick Decision Making by highlighting the need of the day

Retrieve Valuable Information Anytime

The process of Workflow Management can be simplified as per your requirements. This Dashboard Information System helps you retrieve any information anytime you want. You can manage your complete workflow through your dashboard. know more

Stop letting things fall through the cracks.

What’s Important Today

This Practice Management Software makes it easier for you to customize your dashboard to track projects due today, current week or month, so you always know what’s the demand of the day. know more

What's important today or this week

Exceptional Items

Your dashboard enables you to track exceptional items so that remedial actions are taken as quickly as possible. You can track all that you want, such as overdue projects, projects costing more than budget, projects exceeding turnaround time, etc. You can also count to see the filtered view of projects. know more

Exceptional Items

Metrics That Matters

Practicing professionals like CA, CS, CMA, CPA, Lawyers, etc are always concerned about a few important metrics, like business done this week or month, new clients on-boarded this month or year, invoicing of the current month or last month, earning from a particular service, work done by a particular team member, number of clients of a particular industry and much more. All these can be easily tracked through this Dashboard Management Software. know more

Metrics That Matters

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