Data Management System - To Store & Retrieve Data In Any Format That Suits Your Work Pattern

Data Storage System that can be easily categorized as per the needs of the user, like, master data, project-wise data, shareable data with client

Your Personalised Database

The Custom Fields Management Software helps you to record important client information in your own customized way. This Data Management System provides an easy classification of client data, for eg, Master Data that is permanent & always required, Service-Wise Data that is required for a particular service or Project-Wise Data that relates to a particular project and so on. This dynamic feature allows the creation of user-defined custom fields. know more

Your Personalised Database

Custom Report With Custom Fields

Your team needs many details to do work and this makes them peep into different files because different info is needed for different projects and to avoid these efforts, this Data Storage System creates custom reports to extract the exact information from various custom fields. Even after project completion, many questions are asked by clients - all those can be answered well in advance as this Practice Management Software facilitates easy sharing of customized information with clients. know more

Custom Report with Custom Fields

Import Client Information

Many times you need to import your clients’ records - different information may be in different formats and compiling all in one becomes very time-consuming. But Fammeo makes it all very simple and fast. All you have to do is create custom fields and import the relevant information in custom fields. know more

Import client information

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