Automatic Reminder System For Each & Every Follow-Ups To Clients

This Client Relationship Management (CRM) feature enables busy professionals to make automated follow-ups to clients via, Emails & SMS

Share Automatic Reminders To Clients Through Emails & SMS

A new Client Collaboration System that fully automates the follow-up process to clients via, Emails & SMS. All you need to do is to set a logic/pattern for automated Emails/SMS and as per your instructions, this Automatic Reminder System will shoot a reminder to the respective client. know more


Monitor The Delivery Of Email To The Intended Recipient

This Automated Email and SMS Software also allows you to keep track of recipient actions like delivered, bounced, opened and clicked on the shared email. know more


Keep Track Of Total Number Of Mails Shared To Clients

You can Always keep a log of all the Emails/SMS that have been shared by you through this Client Relationship Management System. It also allows you to apply different filters to view the number of mails shared to a particular client or to find the number of clients whom you shared particular mails. know more


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